Braunvieh are not a crossbreed but possibly the oldest pure breed on earth.  Braunvieh are used all over the world because of their adaptability.  The American Brown Swiss are a breed that have their ancestry in Braunvieh.  The Braunvieh (a german word) translates into English as Brown Cow as most of the animals are brown in color.  As a beef breed, Braunvieh have all it takes to lead the beef industry:  maternity, muscle and marbling.
At the USDA Meat Animal Research Center (a respected independent breed test facility), Braunvieh and Braunvieh-influenced females showed moderate size, needed less assistance during calving and weaned the heaviest calves.  These females have a natural thickness, depth and desposition that you won't believe until you see it for yourself.
Muscle and Marbling
The Max Fulsher Award (one of the most respected quality stamps-cattle must grade 100% choice and 100% yield grade 1 or 2) has been given to Braunvieh-influenced calves 3 times as often as any of their competitors.  Braunvieh-sired steers have won carcass awards at the Great Western Beef Expo, Beef Empire Days and Texas A&M Ranch to Rail program.
Combine these traits together to get the total package.  The Braunvieh breed is what is needed to give your herd hybrid vigor and take you into the future of beef.